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Leadership Barrow Class of 2025 sponsored by Piedmont Athens Regional

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2022 Barrow County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Report

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Thank you to our Trustees for their on-going support of the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome to the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce

Leading Business. Leading Barrow.

As our Chamber CEO, Tommy Jennings, put it, "Chambers of commerce are a resource for business and for the community. We are fortunate to have some outstanding chambers all around us. You may not notice them, but if they weren’t there, you’d miss them. Chambers continue to play an active role in the success of each community in which they serve. They are on the front lines of business, they are on the front lines of the community. Without them, it’s like a ship without a rudder."  And the Barrow County Chamber is no different.

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