Education in Barrow County

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Barrow County School System

Our mission in the Barrow County School System is "Boldly Committed to Student Success". We take this very seriously. We are continuously challenging our entire staff to be Barrow BOLD in moving teaching and learning forward in our district. I am firmly convinced that there is no group of people on the planet more committed to seeing students succeed in a warm and caring school environment. Our Barrow Bold School Leaders exemplify the outstanding attitude with which we all approach working directly with Barrow County's most precious resource, our children.

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Dr. Chris McMichael

Bethlehem Christian Academy

Bethlehem Christian is a fully accredited by AdvancED (formerly SACS) for Independent College Preparatory Pre-K through grade 12 and the Association of Christian Schools International, BCA offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum, complete with honors and AP courses. Enriching this curriculum is a wide offering of club activities, academic and literary competitions, and opportunities to participate in the fine arts. All of these features are intentional extensions of equipping each student in his area of interest. Our approach to physical education and athletics is also reflective of our philosophy.  We pursue excellence in our sports programs. Equally as important, instructors and coaches who are called by God to invest in students use field and court to teach life lessons, to model character, and to develop skills that will take them forward into life. Providing the foundation for all of the other disciplines we pursue is the spiritual development of our students.  Our commitment to furthering this pursuit is carried out through strategic opportunities for mentoring, spiritual retreat and examination, and solid biblical teaching. All this is what sets BCA apart, and we look forward to meeting you and to introducing you to the BCA family.  We think you’ll love the heart you find here.

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Rhonda Whiting
Head of School

Lanier Technical College

The purpose of Lanier Technical College (LTC) is to meet the workforce development needs of the area by providing technical and adult education to support the economic development and well-being of the people, communities, and companies of Banks, Barrow, Dawson, Forsyth, Hall, Jackson, and Lumpkin counties. LTC prepares people for successful work; therefore, the College plays a major role in their life-long education. It improves the intellectual and technical skills of area residents and prepares students and trainees for jobs by providing adult education, general academic and technical education, customized business and industrial training, economic development services, and continuing education.

The primary educational purpose of the College is to provide high quality technical certificate of credit, technical diploma, and associate degree programs to meet the needs of area students, employers, and economic developers. Technical education is offered using up-to-date instruction, industry-standard equipment, and work-based learning delivered through traditional and distance methods and media.

Chip Reynolds
Dean, Barrow Campus

Foothills Education Charter High School

Foothills Education Charter High School is North-Middle Georgia's answer to the dropout problem. We offer a unique opportunity to any student who wishes to earn an accredited Georgia High School Diploma.  We have 16 locations across the North-Middle Georgia region, offering a full range of high school courses in a convenient, flexible, self-paced format.  All Classes are held in the evening so you can work during the day and attend school at night. Tuition is 100% FREE for students who enroll at Foothills full time.  All courses are mastery-based, which means you cannot fail a course.  There are no deadlines, so you can take as much or as little time as you need to successfully complete your coursework.  To better meet the different learning styles of students, Foothills offers a variety of course formats including textbook and web-based instruction.  All methods provide self-paced, individualized mastery learning. 

Approved by the Georgia Department of Education October 2014
Approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia September 2014

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Dr. Sherrie Gibney-Sherman

Barrow County Christian Academy

Barrow County Christian Academy is a ministry of the Whistleville Christian Church. The Academy was established in the fall of 1980. Their headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee. The Whistleville Christian Church is devoted to the restoration of the New Testament Christianity, its doctrines, ordinances, and its fruits. They believe that the Scripture of the Old and New Testament is inspired by God, and inerrant in the original writings, and they are the supreme and final authority in faith and conduct. B.C.C.A. uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. Their headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Whistleville Christian Church., 83 Patrick Mill Road SW, Winder, GA 30680

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Ray Fumea