Barrow Chamber membership event scores record numbers


The Barrow County Chamber held a membership event with Your Chamber Connection on August 26th and 27th, 2020, with outstanding results.

As far as measurables are concerned, we increased our membership by 117 new members.  That increase in membership puts us at over 600 members, a level we haven’t seen since 2007, pre-recession numbers.  It’s a terrific success to be achieved during this pandemic.

The bigger takeaways from this, though, are the exposure of new leaders in Barrow County.  People like David Bleth, from Harrison Poultry, sold close to $15,000 in chamber memberships.  And David brought together a team that closed almost $20,000 in membership sales.  Kobi Kilgore, while a leader in the City of Winder, stepped up with the chamber, signing up many new members.  Many others, too, worked so hard to support the chamber.

All these folks, most of them disconnected from the chamber, came together and really learned about the chamber.  They learned what it does, and what it can do.  These leaders walked away with a new understanding of our efforts, our needs, our support, and our accomplishments.  More than the dollars, this was the important part of this program.  New knowledge.  New wisdom.  New understanting.